1. shitroughdrafts:

    Lucy,by Luc Besson. 2014.

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  2. hitsvilleuk:

    Watch: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Julia Louis-Dreyfus plug the Primtetime Emmys: Any chance to see Walt and Jesse back together - and not trying to kill each other - in any context, we’ll take it. Alternatively, any chance to see Seinfeld's Elaine and Tim Whatley back together is a chance worth taking, even if it involves three icons of television shilling for both the upcoming Emmys and Audi. Still, this kinda makes us want a sketch show starring Cranston and Paul. Make it happen, TV gods.

  3. iamcinema:


    Every band needs a Nazi horn section

    Blood Diner

  4. motherdisco:

    Anything Goes

  5. babymcnaughton:

    Genie, you’re free!

  7. ivanvladimir:

    The midnight coterie of sinister intruders!!

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